Sunday, February 25, 2007

RiverPark Place Begins

The long awaited RiverPark Place development along the banks of the Ohio River will finally have it's ground breaking this week. On Friday, March 2, city officials and project developers will meet to ceremoniously turn the dirt on this long awaited project. Site prep has been taking place for the last several months, but this will mark the beginning of "official" work.

Phase 1 of the project will run a cool 200 million dollars, and will include two 14 story towers, a river esplanade, as well as a collection of low-rise condos and apartments, office space, a marina, and restaurants. This will be one of the densest projects to be built in the urban core in many years - and it will combine many different uses to create a vibrant community.

This project has been in the making for nearly 20 years. The exact same site that is being built upon today once had a similar development planned for it in the early 1990's, but those plans fell apart in the late 90's when financial support couldn't be found.

Today, the project is full steam ahead - and if phase 1 is successful, multiple other phases have already been conceived that include six more 14 story towers along the river and could total 500 million more dollars in investment. This project is huge, and is a boon for the city of Louisville.

My one beef with this project is the "safe" architectural stylings they used. The design isn't offensive at all - it just seems, well, a little bland. I feel as if I could pick up RiverPark Place and put it in any Southern boom town, and it would look as if it completely belonged there. I realize there is a market for this type of architecture, and i am not saying the design is actually bad, I just think it is a bit boring and I wish we could have seen something that is a bit more original, or even revolutionary.

Despite my critique, i still think the project is going to be a huge boost or the city and for urban living in the core. It will be a huge draw for the unique waterfront setting and the new neighborhood it will anchor - here's to hoping they're wildly successful!

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