Monday, March 12, 2007

Museum Plaza Gets Government Nod

In typical Kentucky style, the state legislature is down to the wire in passing major bills - and one of those major bills is the one supporting the Museum Plaza project in downtown Louisville. Amazingly enough it has now passed both chambers of the legislature is on it's way to the desk of the governor.

Thank God.

In recent days things seemed to not be going well for the Museum Plaza bill - it wasn't taken up by the Senate quickly, and the Senate President said initially he has some misgivings about the law. However, he ended up championing the bill and it passed his chamber with only 1 vote in opposition. House and Senate leaders patted themselves on the back and explained how this building is not going to only transform the skyline of Louisville, but will help the reputation of the entire state of Kentucky.

Governor Fletcher has already said he will sign the bill into law, and developers of Museum Plaza have commented that this project is a slam dunk with this law. Shovels will be turning dirt by late summer.

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