Wednesday, July 11, 2007

River City News Briefs

AT&T Adding 350 Jobs Downtown
AT&T is planning to add 350 new workers to their facility downtown on Chestnut Street. The new customer service jobs stem from the companies continued expansion the the realm of high speed internet. The announcement indicates there will be a 1.5 million dollar investment in their building and an annual payroll of 10 million dollars a year. Not exactly the best pay possible, but it will help some people

Haymarket Development to Have a September Groundbreaking?
The University of Louisville announced today they "hope" to break ground on an expansion of their life sciences campus downtown by September. The development was first proposed in the early 2000's, but has seen little concrete action. With UofL assuming almost total control of the Louisville Medical Center Development Corporation, they expect to push the project forward despite having no anchor tenant. Plans calls for four to five buildings on the block bounded by Jefferson, Market, Floyd, and Preston.

Louisville Zoo Break Attendance Record
The Louisville Zoo reported the largest number of visitors ever in the year ending June 30. The zoo had 810,546 visitors. The last record was set in 2003 after the zoo had finished the Gorilla Forest exhibit. Plans call for continued expansion at the zoo, with the development of the Arctic Run exhibit, which will replace aging enclosures for polar bears and other cold weather creatures.

University of Louisville Tops off Newest Building.
UofL held a ceremony for the topping off of their newest building in the downtown medical district. The seven story structure, at he corner of Preston and Chestnut, will be nearly 200,000 square feet and will house the offices of physicians and dentists who are members of the schools faculty. The structure is one the first buildings in the schools new master plan for the medical campus.

Jeffersonville Ramada/Sheraton Moves Forward
The decrepit Jeffersonville Ramada is finally starting to see better days. Much of the interior has been demolished, and build out of the structure has begun in earnest. A new facade will replace the gaudy yellow cladding that was once such a point of derision. The hotel is being rebranded a Sheraton, and rates will increase to reflect the new name and the complete overhaul.


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