Friday, August 10, 2007

Arena Rendering?!?

MurphysLAw over at SkyscraperCity posted this "leaked" rendering of the Louisville Arena. I wonder if this is our final product...we'll have to wait for the official unveiling.


The Urbanophile said...

Jake, I could have sworn I've seen that before and it was a very early render of the project. I'd be stunned if that were the final product. I think murph is having some fun at our expense.

Jacob said...

I agree, this very well could be a rendering they rejected recently.

I do think it is a fairly recent rendering though, simply because of the pedestrian bridge on the left side of the building to the newly announced parking structure at the Galt House.

Sure, the Galt House structure could have been planned the entire time - but if it had been, they would've included it all of their parking studies. They didn't. I think the Galt House structure is a fairly recent development - and hence, if it were an old rendering, it wouldn't include a ped bridge in it to the left.

Again, I'm not convinced it is the real deal, but I do think it is at least recent. The arena authority has rejected several proposals, and this could have been on e of them. We'll see in a week.