Friday, August 03, 2007

River City News Briefs

PharMerica is Open for Business
The deal creating Louisville’s newest corporate citizen, PharMerica, closed earlier this week and the stock was traded on the NYSE for the first time. The new company was formed through the union of the pharmacy divisions of Louisville-based Kindred Healthcare and Florida-based Amerisource Bergen. The company is expected to have revenue is excess of 2 billion dollars, placing it on the Fortune 1000 list.

New Ice House Lofts?
The former Arctic Ice building on Main in downtown Louisville may finally be brought back to life. The developer of Byck’s Lofts on Fourth Street has announced plans for this newest conversion on his website, and the development is listed on the Downtown Housing Tour 2007 website. The building will feature heavy cork insulation, exposed brick, and a great location in the heart of the East Main residential corridor.

Arena Authority Sets Date for Design Unveiling
Jim Host expects to reveal the arena exterior design at a special meeting of the Arena Authority on August 20th. Representatives from HOK Sport will be on hand to show the authority and the public their plans for the new downtown centerpiece.

Louisville Housing Authority Plans 3.5 Million Dollar Project
The city plans to construct a 3 story retail and apartment development at the corner of Broadway and Shelby in Phoenix Hill to help fill a need for new subsidized housing units. The project will house people from several income brackets. A third of the project will be for subsidized housing, a third will be public housing, and a third will be market-rate. Funding for the project comes from money secured for the nearby Liberty Green renewal.

FBI Moving to the Suburbs
The FBI Headquarters in Louisville will soon be leaving the downtown core for a new building off Blankenbaker Parkway. The new building will provide the FBI will more room and better security. The FBI had been housed downtown since the 1930’s.


The Urbanophile said...

The FBI is moving to the burbs in Indy and other places too. Good riddance if you ask me. The new security standards would practically mandate a truly awful structure downtown. Better to put that sort of complex in the burbs.

Jacob said...

The Louisville and Indy FBI buildings are almost carbon copies of each other - lots of cities are gettingthe same thing rom the FBI. Way it goes.

Anonymous said...

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