Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Institution Closes

It was announced today that Kunz's Restaurant at Fourth and Market has closed it's door for the last time. A restaurant bearing that name was first opened well over a century ago, and the restaurant had been run for four generations of Kunz family members. The restaurant has experienced several years of declining sales and has been in bankruptcy court since last year.

Kunz's is definitely a name that is surprising to lose downtown - it has been an institution for longer than any Louisvillian has been alive. Sadly though, that tradition and their reputation are the only things that has kept the restaurant afloat for the last several years. The restaurant is a dark enclave and 20 years behind in decor. The food has lost much of its quality and the service standards have also been low.

Downtown in the past several years has picked up several new upscale restaurants - All of which have better food and service than Kunz's. The new competition reacted to the new market and Kunz's simply has not. Kunz's has hoped that it's name and history would carry it through, and it hasn't. Sad, but time marches on.

I just hope their corner is remodeled and something better takes its place!

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