Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shake-up on Fourth Street

A legal battle has been brewing for the last several months at the popular downtown Fourth Street Live complex. Three clubs which are original to the project have been given notices of eviction by the Baltimore based Cordish Company for being behind in their rent to the tune of over 250,000 dollars.

The three clubs in question are located on the second level of the complex and due to an extra admission fee have said that they've lost over half of their business. They point to other establishments in the complex that are not forced to charge an admission fee and see this as a bias against them. In spite of order of eviction and the back rent, the clubs owners say they plan to fight it in court.

Cordish has already announced a replacement to take all of the space that these clubs are supposed to vacate. Besides this legal battle, Fourth Street Live recently endured the closing of the Fashion Shop retail store due to a company reorganization.

Fourth Street Live had over 4 million visitors last year and was one of the state's largest tourist draws. Cordish, which has long promised an expansion, also has dropped hints of them acquiring land at the nearby Water Company block. After they pulled out of the JCPenney Building last year, it seemed that their plans for expansion in Louisville had died. However, the mayor has been hinting for months now that major developers were interested in the Water Company site, and it appears Cordish is one of the suitors. If they do buy the land, lets hope they build something a little more unique...while Fourth Street Live is a great draw for downtown, it definitely could use a more unique and local flavor.

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