Sunday, January 21, 2007

Museum Plaza Updates TOMORROW

Museum Plaza - the most exciting development in Lousville in the past half century - will be hosting a forum and update tomorrow morning at 1030 EST.

Until then, here is a rendering from REX Architects.


panjunan said...
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Dave said...

Jacob - Just found the blog after googling Bycks Lofts and seeing your post on the skyscraper site. I think what you are doing here is great. Looks like there are not a lot of comments here thus far, but keep at it and they will inevitably pick up.

I moved to Louisville recently from DC. There I witnessed the incredibly influencial role that the internet can play in local economic development, and its ability to empower individuals to participate and benefit from that development. Blogs like the one you have created here not only inform people (in case they don't read the CJ) but more importantly allow them to ask questions and express opinions. More people need to do this around here! And it's not just blogs. What about Craig's list? In DC, Craig's list was THE place to find rentals, sell furniture, and do about a thousand other things. Nobody here uses it! It creates such liquidity and makes life so much easier, there's no reason not to. Folks here really need to get involved and take advantage of the local communication and commerce advantages the internet has to offer.

So, what I guess I'm trying to say is thanks for starting the blog. I will be checking it on a regular basis and will contribute as much as possible. For one, I've spent a lot of time taking a hard look at Bycks Lofts since that article appears in the CJ last week. I met with the developer the other day, toured the building, got some plans and a contract to review. I hope to be able to take the time to post my impressions on your site in the next day or so, and would love to hear what other folks have to say.

Jacob said...


I am using this as a way to comment on what I see happening at home, as well as a way for me to keep news on city projects easy for me to find.

Hopefuly people will find it somewhat useful and maybe catch some development news hat they had missed.

Who knows.

But thanks for the comment.